"Dark purple-blue along the back, shading to paler iridescent blue on the upper side and mirror-like silver below.  The fins are dark grey.  Hoki have an easily recognisable long, think body with a tapering tail fringed by dorsal and anal fins.  The eyes and jaws are large.  The teeth, small and sharp.

Hoki belong to the Merucciidae family (hakes).  They are one of New Zealand’s most important commercial deepwater species.  Hoki are caught by trawling all around New Zealand, and are most common off the South Island on the Chatham rise, Campbell Plateau and in Cook Strait.

They generally live beyond the shelf edge and are most abundant between 300 to 600 metres.  Adult fish have been found at depths from 50 metres down to 900 metres."

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Product specifications (PackaGing)
  • Skin on
  • Run of Catch. 5kg (11.02 lbs) or 10kg (22.04 lbs) per poly box.
  • Headed and Gutted. - 12kg (26.45lbs) per poly box
  • Fillets (Skin on or skin off). 120 - 140gm, 140 - 160gm, 160 - 180gm
    Headed and Gutted. - 2 x14kg blocks per 28kg carton
    Fillets (Skin on or skin off). 120 - 140gm, 140 - 160gm, 160 - 180gm
Storage and handling (recommendations)

Keep well chilled 0°C (32F). Product received whole should have fillets removed to retain fillet quality and shelf life.


Best stored at -18°C (0F) in supplied strapped cartons to avoid freezer burn / dehydration. Recommended cooking from frozen or semi frozen state.

Hoki More information can be found by downloading our Product fact sheet
  • Name fabrics
  • Length
    60-100 cm, reaching 130 cm
  • Weight
    0.5 - 3.5 kg 500 gm (S) 500 - 720 gm (M) 720 - 1000 gm (L) 1000 - 3500 gm (2L)
  • Availabiliti
Nutritional information
  • Energy
    306.8 kj
  • Proteine
    15.2 g
  • Total Fat
    1.2 g
  • Saturated Fat
    0.2 g
  • Cholesterol
    0.3 g
  • Sugar
    0.3 g
  • Sodium
    53 mg