Shipping by sea
Shipping by sea
Shipping by sea

Across the globe sea freight demand continues to grow as regional markets and consumer needs expand. Discover sea freight and its various forms offering cost-effective international transport that's widely available. 

Sea freight is cargo shipped by sea, either coastal via domestic shipping routes or international waters (imports and exports).

Shipping by sea cargo packed and stowed in shipping containers for onward transport aboard a cellular vessel (container ship). Ideal for a diverse variety of goods, including commodities that require refrigeration, containerised consignments can be easily interchanged between transportation modes (i.e. ships, trucks and trains) without the need to rehandle contents. For this reason, containerisation is a popular and cost-effective sea freight option, which is commonly available across the globe.

Containerised shipments are a common sea freight option, as services are widely available, reasonably priced and suitable for a variety of cargo types (including refrigerated goods). Even smaller consignments (LCL shipments) are grouped with other mixed goods to collectively fill a single shipping container, optimising the space and resulting costs. Charged at a minimum of one cubic metre or one tonne (whichever is greater) it is sometimes cheaper to send such items of low quantity through a local courier who specialises in the delivery of small parcels.

With the advent of modern containerisation, international demand for services continues to grow as markets enjoy an improved level of transport efficiency, competition and associated costs. 

Where time is not a primary consideration, sea freight is the obvious choice in contrast to air freight for international cargo.

advantages Shipping by sea
  • Ocean freight is one of thecheapest ways to transport goods.
  • Large volume of goods can bedelivered by a vessel at once.
  • Multimodal logistics equipment.
  • Global Door to Door or Port to Port.
  • Shipment visibility from end-toend
  • 100% product safety.