Intermodal shipping service
Intermodal shipping service
Intermodal shipping service

The containerization of freight, one of the major trends in freight movement worldwide over the past 20 years, is a good example. Intermodal freight transportation is based on the concept of containers being transported over long distances by using different modes. For example, the container could travel via truck to an intermodal terminal where it (and possibly the truck itself) is transferred to a rail or barge service, which transports the container over a long distance. At the destination, the container is transferred back to a truck for ultimate delivery. For freight transportation, the responsibility for providing modal networks varies by country.

Intermodal transport: term used for describing the transportation of a cargo in an intermodal container, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship and truck), without handling the goods themselves in changing modes.

Our Intermodal Services specialists, design and manage road and rail supply chains, with best practice built in. Solutions that deliver flexibility and reliable lead times, together with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. And we operate cross-border, with all the supporting services you would expect from an industry leader, from customs house brokerage to cross-docking, consolidation, de-consolidation and reverse logistics.

Intermodal and Multimodal transportation forms one of the key pillars of the General ST business. We capitalize on the advantages of road, rail, air, and sea transport modes to ship our customers’ orders at minimized costs and in accordance with delivery terms. Our extended experience and reliable sub-contracted partners from around the world help us offer solutions that meet all our customers’ requirements.

advantages Intermodal shipping service
  • Lower rates for each transport leg
  • Access to remote parts of the world
  • Intermodal logistics equipment
  • Keeping the level of freight costs under control
  • Shipment visibility from end-to-end
  • 100% product safety