LCL (Less Container Load)
LCL (Less Container Load)
LCL (Less Container Load)

LCL - Less than Container Load is one of the most cost saving and time consuming way of international container shipping. For customers who don't have enough cargo to fill even a 20-foot container, LCL freight is the right solution providing Full Container Load frequency and service. Depending on your cargo dimensions and weight we can consolidate your LCL order and load in a 20’ or 40’ foot sea container.

We can provide you with space within ocean container and the sailing time will be the same when transporting goods LCL internationally. You will share the cost of whole container shipping with other customers, based on your cargo volume. Freight volume (cubic meter / cubic foot) is the most important pricing factor, forming the cost of your LCL shipment abroad.


Always pay attention and ask a questions regarding LCL because for temperature sensitive goods - LCL is strictly limited.

advantages LCL (Less Container Load)

    • LCL - Less than Container Load
    • Planned space protection
    • Transportation cost sharing
    • Shipment visibility from end-to-end