FCL (Full Container Load)
FCL (Full Container Load)
FCL (Full Container Load)

FCL is an abbreviation for Full Container Load. FCL term is used in ocean freight service describing full container shipping from on one place to another. FCL usually associates one shipper and one consignee. 

FCL is the most optimized container shipping way regarding cost, volume and weight of the cargo. The FCL (full container load) process involves - picking up empty freight container at the container yard, loading at the shipper facility, transporting by truck / rail to the port of loading and further sea / ocean container shipping of the cargo to the port of arrival and delivery to final destination. In certain circumstances of sea cargo transportation if you don't have enough cargo for a full container load we still recommend you to consider FCL option for shipping your order. You may find FCL sea freight service compared with LCL (Less than Container Load) to be more cost-effective, and convenient for you.

For sizable ocean freight shipping FCL is the most appropriate choice for your ocean cargo transportation. 

advantages FCL (Full Container Load)
  • FCL - Full Container Load
  • Multimodal logistics equipment
  • Lower cost for Demurrage & Detention
  • A global Door-To-Door Delivery
  • Door-To-Port Delivery
  • 100% product safety
  • Letters of Credit