delivery methods
shipping by sea
  • Ocean freight is one of the cheapest ways to transport goods.
  • Large volume of goods can be delivered by a vessel at once.
  • Multimodal logistics equipment.
  • Ships are incredibly slow when compared to airplanes.
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shipping by air
  • Air freight is the best option if time frame limited to transport goods.
  • Limited volume of goods can be delivered by plane at once.
  • 100% product safety.
  • More expensive cost to deliver goods.
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Company Profile

As a global, independent and full logistic service provider, General ST offers a comprehensive array of freight forwarding services, customised to best suit your needs.  Our entire organisation is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality products and services, through building a genuine and personal long-term relationship that saves your time, money and resources. 

Our team

Our Team Members are the heart and soul of our business. Our team's guiding principles are integrity, respect, teamwork, achievement and innovation. Our guiding principles are the keys to our culture and to achieving our vision. The General ST team is experienced and diverse, showcasing a myriad of life and work experience spread across the globe and we are continuing to grow with new members that increase our presence in different parts of the world. A high portion of our staff speak multiple languages. Featuring experience in logistics industry, many have achieved higher education qualifications in commerce, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and IT industry. 

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